Why You Should Let Professionals Handle Lawn Mowing This Year

Taking care of a lawn is time-consuming. If you want your yard to look its best, you need to regularly mow, edge, weed, and fertilize it. After working hard all week, you probably would rather spend your time doing anything but chores. Why not do your future self a favor – leave the mowing to us! Here are a few of the perks that come with letting Picasso Lawn & Landscaping perform lawn care services.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Lawn Service To Mow The Grass

More Time For Things You Enjoy

Leave mowing to us, and the only thing you’ll need to do is admire how gorgeous the yard looks! Whether that’s spending time with friends and family, reading, or napping, when you don’t have to take care of mowing the lawn, you’ll have more time to do whatever you want! You may even find you’ve got more time to enjoy your outdoor space, now that you have less work to do.

Your Lawn Is In Good Hands

While mowing the lawn seems like the most mundane of chores, it plays a significant role in how well – or poorly – your turfgrass grows. Mowing too close to the ground can stress the grass. Letting the grass get too long can clog up the mower and invite pests and lawn diseases. Our team has the expertise to know precisely how to mow the lawn, so your grass gets optimum growth. Plus, we can spot the warning signs and early symptoms of problems. This means they’ll be addressed quickly, and your lawn won’t undergo extensive damage, which is more likely to happen the longer the issues go unaddressed.

Less Risk Of Injury Or Accident

No two yards are the same, and many are not neat little patches of green. Many yards have slopes, inclines, and irregular shapes. Those irregularities can create problems, especially after rainfall. You’re more likely to slip and fall while mowing – especially if you don’t cut the slopes in the correct pattern. You could twist your ankle or receive a worse injury if the mower were to slide down a hill on you. Instead, you can leave it to our trained staff. We’ll make sure your lawn looks fantastic, and you can skip the trip to urgent care.

Our Equipment Is Primed And Ready

Mowing yourself means remembering to fill up the gas tank, change the oil, and troubleshooting problems with the equipment. And, of course, you need to make sure the blades are sharpened. And while it’s tempting to procrastinate on sharpening the blades, you need to stay on top of it. Dull blades will tear at the grass, not shear it cleanly. This leaves your grass looking like it’s been chewed up. Instead, leave it to the professionals! Our equipment is always in prime working order, so you get the perfect cut every time.

Grass Grows Straighter

Human beings are creatures of habit, and when it comes to mowing the lawn, many of us use the same pattern. Unfortunately, this can create ruts in the lawn and train the grass to grow on a slant, not straight up. We’ll make sure to mix up the mowing pattern every time, so your lawn never looks worn out from repeated mower passes.

Two Birds, One Stone

Mowing is an excellent add-on service and pairs nicely with our lawn fertilizer applications. As we mow your lawn week over week, our staff will become familiar with its changing seasonal needs. Plus, we can mulch the grass clippings, so they return vital nutrients to the soil. Many homeowners don’t realize the value of mulching clippings, but as long as the grass is not too long, it won’t create problems or look messy. In addition to replenishing nutrients, grass clippings can help regulate soil temperature, retain moisture during the hottest part of the year, and keep annoying weeds at bay. If you didn’t know, most weeds need lots of direct sunlight to thrive. By leaving grass clippings on the lawn, it helps suppress their growth.

We’ll Do Our Best To Suit Your Schedule

Often, mowing is something you cram into your schedule when you’d rather do something else. At Picasso, we do our best to work with your schedule, so mowing is done at a time that suits your needs. Many homeowners like us to take care of things in the middle of the day, so they come home to freshly mowed grass. Others like to be home when our staff arrives so they can ask questions about their yard.

Find Lawn Mowing Services Near Indianapolis

Do your future self a favor and take “mow the lawn” off your to-do list this year. At Picasso Lawn & Landscaping, we offer commercial and residential lawn mowing service for 28 straight weeks during the growing season, so your grass always looks well-kempt. To learn more or sign up for service, call us at 317-253-5296 or leave us a message online here.

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