Picture Perfect Lawn Care in McCordsville

Every lawn is different and requires a customized lawn care plan for it to flourish. At Picasso Lawn and Landscape, we partner with you to provide the best in expertise, resources, and materials to obtain a vibrant and healthy lawn. As recognized experts in lawn care, landscape design, and installation in McCordsville, we work hard to add those finishing touches to invigorate and elevate your property against a backdrop of art and elegance.  

Lawn Fertilization & Aeration in McCordsville

Even the toughest yards lose their stamina over time and must be refueled. As a critical part of your lawn care program, lawn fertilization is essential. In McCordsville, we recommend fertilization starting in mid to late March to give your grass time to repair itself from the winter and get that added nutritional boost to rapidly grow in the warmer seasons. At Picasso Lawn and  Landscape, we have years of lawn care experience and get to know your soil to provide just the right balance of lawn fertilization to yield big results. We also recommend adding lawn aeration services annually.

The benefits of aeration allow your lawn to:

  • Maximize fertilization applications as nutrients are better dispersed.
  • Breathe by creating small holes to allow light, air, and sunlight to flow!
  • Reduce thatch build-up and more!

Weed Control in McCordsville That Delivers

Weeds are never welcome on your yard regardless of their size or shape. Aside from being unsightly, investing in weed control has many unexpected benefits for your McCordsville lawn including:

  • Optimum nutrition as your grass gets the benefits of fertilization, not weeds!
  • Customized treatments for those tough Indiana weeds like crabgrass, foxtail, ground ivy, and dandelion. 
  • Spot treatments for the unexpected weed flair-up.
  • A balanced lawn for grass that grows evenly, beautifully, and is healthy. 
  • Decreased invasive pests that are attracted to unwanted weeds.

Get Your Weeds in control today! You’ll love the results!

Landscape Design & Installation in McCordsville

Your property is a reflection of your style. As experts in landscape design and installation, Picasso Lawn and Landscape works with you to create an outdoor environment that is sustainable, usable, and brings out the best in your property. Whether it’s adding a few novelty plants and trees or redesigning an entire space, we’ve got the ideas and experience to deliver a landscape design that will exceed your expectations by:

  • Assessing your property and meeting with you to discuss your goals.
  • Reviewing landscaping plans and progress with you at every stage to be sure your needs are met. 
  • Offering a wide variety of plants, trees, and hardscape resource options. 
  • Providing landscape renovations that include paver installation, patios, decks, or outdoor kitchens to name a few!
  • Landscape installation that is professionally completed from start to finish. 

When you partner with Picasso Lawn and Landscape you team up with dedicated lawn care and landscape design professionals who see the possibilities and bring out the true potential in your home or business. Call today!

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