Lawn Care in Fishers

As a part of the wonderful central Indiana community, our team knows all about managing lawns and landscapes in Fishers. Picasso Lawn and Landscape’s professional technicians are committed to helping both local residents and commercial businesses enjoy beautiful outdoor spaces, no matter the location or season. We offer a wide variety of lawn care and other related services, including lawn fertilization, weed control, landscape design, paver installation, and many more! 

Lawn Fertilization in Fishers

Just like us, our lawns need lots of nutrients in order to help them grow well, be healthy, and look their best. One of the best ways to make sure your Fishers lawn gets everything it needs is a regular application of lawn fertilizer in mid to late March. At this time, your lawn is just starting to recover from the harsh winter conditions and will need a little extra boost to help kick start its growth for the spring. Fertilizers help your lawn look greener, fuller, and all-around more appealing. 

If your yard is looking lackluster and dull, you need to call the Fishers lawn care experts at Picasso Lawn and Landscape. Lawn fertilization is just one part of our total lawn care program, which also includes mowing, mulch installation, and lawn aeration and overseeding. With help from your friends at Picasso Lawn and Landscape, your lawn will look better than ever!

Weed Control in Fishers

Weeds don’t just harm the physical appearance of your yard, they can also damage the overall health of your grass plants. Some of the ways weeds can hurt your Fishers lawn and even yourself and your loved ones include: 

  • Competing with grass plants for important resources like water, nutrients, sunlight, and air. 
  • Taking up space that could otherwise be filled by healthy grass plants. 
  • Potentially taking over and killing the grass plants if you have parasitic weeds. 
  • Putting out spores and seeds that can irritate allergies and nasal passages. 

With all of the negative effects of weeds, you want to get them out of your yard and make sure they stay out! But, you don’t have to worry about getting rid of them on your own. If you spot weeds in your lawn, or you want to prevent them from cropping up, be sure to contact the local weed control professionals from Picasso Lawn and Landscape. In addition to the general weed control application in mid to late March, we offer free service calls throughout your service period to spot treat any weeds or problematic areas that may appear later in the season. 

Landscaping in Fishers

If you want to redesign or customize any area of your property, you need to call the Fishers landscape design experts at Picasso Lawn and Landscape. Some of our specialty landscape design and installation services for the central Indiana area are: 

  • Outdoor kitchen spaces. 
  • Patios and decks. 
  • Paver pathways and entrances. 
  • Incorporating new plants. 

We prioritize getting to know our residential and commercial customers’ unique needs and different ideas for their own outdoor space. Beginning with a thorough property assessment and comprehensive consultation, our goal for every project is to help you achieve your dream lawn and landscape, whether that involves only a few new plants or something much more detailed. For total renovation projects, we frequently partner with local architects to fully design beautiful new landscapes. 

Paver Installation in Fishers

Landscape design isn’t just about the green space, it also includes the pavers used around entrances, patios, and in pathways. Our team has experience working with a variety of materials, shapes and sizes of pavers, so we can customize your paver installation to your specific preferences and needs. If you’re looking to create a beautiful, unique paver for your home or commercial space, look no further than the local paver installation professionals from Picasso Lawn and Landscape. 

Whether your Fishers property needs lawn fertilization, weed control, a redesigned landscape, or a new paver installation, the local professionals at Picasso Lawn and Landscape have all of your lawn and landscape needs covered. Visit our website to see more information about all of the services we offer for Fisher and the surrounding central Indiana area, give us a call at 317-253-5296, or fill out our contact form to get started on achieving your dream outdoor space today!

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