Lawn Care in Carmel, IN

Carmel, IN is a city of milestones and the City of Roundabouts, and we at Picasso Lawn and Landscape are proud to call this area our home. For over 20 years, we’ve provided local, professional lawn care services to residents and business owners in Central Indiana.

 We specialize in bringing our clients’ yards and visions to life with expert landscape design, along with lawn care programs and additional services including:

  • Gutter cleaning.
  • Snow removal.
  • Power washing.
  • De-icing.
  • Grading and extension.
  • Garden installation.

Our goal is to make your yard happy and healthy. Whether that is with a custom lawn care program or our landscape installation services, we stay true to our name by ensuring the results are a masterpiece.

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Lawn Fertilization in Carmel, IN

Regular lawn fertilization is important because it feeds your grass nutrients if it is not getting enough of or lacking from nature’s inventory. Picasso Lawn and Landscape has the experience and know-how to figure out the best blend of fertilizer for your yard, along with:

  • Mixing effective weed control into our lawn fertilization service to keep ugly, unwanted plants from taking over your yard.
  • Developing a strategic lawn fertilization schedule to ensure your grass is getting the nutrients it needs when it needs it.

Lawn fertilization is essential to having a stunning yard all year. Still, when your well-fed grass begins to grow or stubborn weeds cause issues, our additional lawn care services provide everything you need to maintain an eye-catching yard throughout the entire growing season.

Our Lawn Care Services:

  • Weekly mowing – 28 weeks beginning in April.
  • Mulch installation – Premium dyed brown and black mulch available.
  • Lawn aeration and overseeding – Fall (recommended) and spring lawn aeration offered.
  • Grub control – If we discover a grub problem, we’ll modify our lawn care measures to treat it!

Weed Control in Carmel, IN

Weeds seem to take pride in being the eyesore of an otherwise flawless landscape. Luckily, we take pride in our successful weed control service that promises noticeably less weeds during the growing season. We include pre-emergent weed control in our lawn fertilization service.

Sometimes, lawn aeration can bring dormant weed seeds to your yard’s surface and enable them to grow. This is not a reason to avoid lawn aeration! Our powerful post-emergent weed control eradicates the pesky weeds that sprout to your lawn’s surface instantly, ensuring your grassroots aren’t fighting with unwanted plants for nutrients.

Landscaping Services in Carmel, IN

Good landscape design attracts people to your business and makes your outdoor space a personal sanctuary for relaxation and parties. Picasso Lawn and Landscape is made up of educated and experienced landscaping experts who specialize in landscape installation and design.

We begin every landscaping project with a thorough property inspection. Whether you need our help to develop a landscape design from scratch or you have a vision you want us to bring to life, we have the team and tools to make it happen.

Our Landscaping Specialties:

  • Landscape installation.
  • Full landscape renovation.
  • Enhancing current landscapes with plant or garden installations.
  • Detailed visual of your finished landscape provided upon request.
  • Paver installation.

Paver Installation in Carmel, IN

Pavers make a statement in your yard the same way an art piece makes a statement in your living room. And you can bet, as a lawn care company with “Picasso” in our name, we know how to make a statement with paver installation.

The Power of Pavers:

  • Durable and easy to maintain.
  • Various colors, textures and appearances invite creativity to residential and commercial landscaping.
  • Pathways make your garden inviting and interactive.
  • Offer affordable solutions to your landscaping visions.

 Our paver installation service gives you the porch or patio of your dreams, and there is no limit on creativity when it comes to our palette of options. You can choose from various colors, textures, and appearances that will bring a new life to your front porch, backyard space, or home garden.

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