Use Mulch To Upgrade Your Landscaping

Changing up your garden can bring a whole new look to your home. Sometimes a change means you want to add a new paver to your home or start building an outdoor kitchen for optimal summertime fun. But other times it means you simply add mulch to your garden to bring an elevated look to it without having to change much.

But when you change up your garden by adding mulch to your plants and trees, you are going to not only elevate the look of your space, but you are going to be giving your plants a better life as well.

There are so many benefits to mulching there is almost no reason to not add mulch to your landscaping this summer. Follow along to see why Picasso Lawn and Landscape recommends mulching your garden this summer.

The Benefits Of Adding Mulch To Your Yard

First, let’s talk about what mulching actually does to benefit your plants and trees. Both organic and inorganic mulch can make a world of difference.

Mulch Is Much More Appealing to The Eye

It’s no secret that when you pass by a house with a fresh set of mulch, you can’t help but stare and take in the sight. It makes all the flowers pop a little more, it looks more put together, and it is more attractive. It can also increase your return on investment when it is time to sell your home.

Better Nutrients and Absorption

Mulch breaks down over time and will give the soil underneath the boost it needs to keep your plants healthy. As an added bonus, you won’t need to mulch every single year. It actually only needs to happen once every three years or so.

Mulch Retains More Moisture

It is no secret that plants and trees that flowers need as much moisture as they can get. In the hot summer, especially if we are not watering enough, they will be struggling to get the moisture they need to survive, let alone thrive. By adding mulch to your garden, you are creating a system that brings just the right amount of moisture to your plants and trees without drowning them.

Get Rid of Those Stubborn Weeds

That’s right, mulching can actually take away a step of gardening that most people tend to dread – weeding. With soil, weeds have the ability to breathe easily which means they will grow and continue to spread unless picked from the root. But when you add much to your garden, weeds actually become suffocated, getting rid of any existing weeds and helping to prevent any future outbreaks. So although mulching might take up more of your time than you want, it will actually save you more time on how often you are getting out and weeding.

Choose Picasso Lawn and Landscape for Your Mulching Needs Today!

Homes and businesses alike can really benefit from adding mulch to your landscaping. Not only are you going to look better, but your garden is also going to feel better as well. If you’re someone with a high-stress job and mulching just doesn’t seem like an option right now, or your business is booming so much that there is just no way you can take the time to mulch your own garden – call Picasso Lawn and Landscape right now! Our mulching services only take a short amount of time and will have your home looking fresh and renewed in no time.

Do you think you need to go a step further past mulching? The team here at Picasso Lawn and Landscape can do plenty of things from simply planting new plants in your garden to a full outdoor kitchen for you to entertain your guests!

Our other services include pressure washing, snow removal, tree trimming, tree removal, gutter cleaning, landscape design, and installations. Choose one, two, or all of our services and we will be there for you year-round.

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