High quality. Really nice. Always on time. I switched from my previous lawn company because the quality of their mowing wasn’t good. Danny and his team do my neighbor’s yard so I gave them a shot. Outstanding! Best parts: quality of mulch was better because they spade around the edges. Quality of cuts are better because they mow different angles each week. The bush trimming they did looks great. Bonus: everyone is super nice—even the guy who does the fertilizer took about 10 minutes going over with me the type of dirt I have and how to fix some dead spots. I’m just really impressed.
Darrin Buffington 
Amazing work in a timely manner!! Very responsive and professional. I whole heartedly recommend Picasso for paver patios! Nice job, guys.
Robert Hess 
Friendly, attentive crew and they address my concerns and questions promptly.
Natasha Croy 
Absolutely in love with my new landscaping! Picasso did an amazing job and have nothing but hard working crews. Danny Toon took the time in the planning stages, brainstorming and providing recommendations. He listened and understood what I needed. Then we did a walk through the day of with their Crew Leader. On top of that his Crew Leader would communicate with me on the progress of the project. Top notch professionalism through and through! End result is beautiful. I actually feel like I have a backyard and love every time I drive home and get to see my new landscaping. We plan to use Picasso for our new paver patio, which is our next big project. I highly recommend this company!